10 Products to Sell Online in Nigeria without buying in Dollars

10 Products to Sell Online in Nigeria without buying in Dollars

If you are an online vendor in Nigeria, then you are likely aware of the many types of products that you can sell online in Nigeria. Many people have gone into the online business industry and are making millions of Naira every year just by marketing their products over the internet. As simple as it might seem to outsiders, online business is not as simple as it seems. It still requires planning and a lot of patience for the online store to bloom. 

Patience is especially important if you are launching on a search engine or on social media like Instagram. WhatsApp business people are also very limited in terms of reach and traffic. But search engines and social media have no limit in the amount of traffic you can reach. This is why before launching your online store on Google, you need to do the necessary research like SEO or just hand over the website to a professional digital marketer who can handle all the search engine campaigns as well as social media campaigns for you. So, all you will have to do is just concentrate on putting your products on these platforms. 

If you are looking for product ideas to sell online without having to do any importing or buying of them in Dollars, then we have a number of ideas for you. With the products we have listed below, you don't need to buy them from the United States or import them from any foreign country before selling them in Nigeria. These products are absolutely bought in Nigeria and in Naira and sold in Naira as well. Some of them are:


1.  Sell fairly used phones 

Phones that have been fairly used like used iPhones fairly used Samsung phones, and other Android devices can be sold in your online business. Many Nigerians want to use very high-quality phones and may not have the financial capacity to buy them brand new. So, they usually resort to getting the same phone in fairly used form. Phones like fairly used iPhones that look clean and decent will sell well in the Nigerian market.


2.  Sell locally made organic cream 

Creams that you could sell include body cream for smooth, glowing and beautiful skin, hair cream, hair removal cream and more. These creams do not need to be bought in dollars rather they can be sourced for in Nigeria as Nigerians produce a lot of organic creams. Many skin experts make creams that are made of coconut oil, honey, shea butter and other organic sources. Also, hair cream made in Nigeria 100% that is perfect for natural virgin hair and relaxed hair can also be sold.


3.  Sell men's footwear 

Men's footwear like sandals and shoes can be sold online without spending a single dollar. You don't even have to make these shoes yourself. All you need to do is market these shoes to the right audience and get a skilled cobbler to make shoes for you.


4.  Sell ladies' locally made footwear 

There are special types of footwear that are guaranteed to sell fast with ladies. Slippers, sandals and shoes can be locally made in Nigeria and yet be classy and stylish. Because they are locally made, you would not need to spend a single dollar on importing.


5.  Sell locally made stylish bags 

There are skilled craftsmen/women who are skilled in leatherwork and can make bags to suit your style. All you have to do is, show them the style of bag you want and give them money to get materials and make it. And then sit back, and see the magic happen. These handcrafted bags can then be sold for high prices on social media platforms or online.


6.  Sell duvet and bedsheet 

Duvet and bedsheets are products that are highly needed in many Nigerian homes. People see these different duvet designs and bedsheets and imagine how it would make their bedrooms look more beautiful and homely. These bed sheets can be made locally in Nigeria without importing with dollars.


7.  Sell cloth fabrics

Cloth fabrics like lace, Ankara, Adire, "Guinea", "Senator" and other beautiful material patterns used in making clothes are products Nigerians love to buy. Who does not like looking good?


8.  Clothes 

Clothes like baby's knitted cardigans, simple readymade clothes etc. All these can be sold online by posting their pictures on social media and your company's web platforms.


9.  Cakes, pastries and small chops 

If you make small chops, cakes and pastries regularly, you can post their pictures online and watch people order fast. Food products sell very fast.


10. Sell deliverable food like traditional dishes 

You can also cook home-cooked meals and sell them online. Or you could sell your service.



These ten products/services listed above are wonderful options to start selling online in Nigeria and you will be sure to make a good profit. You don't have to buy these products in dollars as most of them are available locally.