5 Advantages of Using NairaEngine to Shop Online in Nigeria

5 Advantages of Using NairaEngine to Shop Online in Nigeria

NairaEngine is an online marketing platform where buyers meet sellers on the internet. You have likely heard of other popular online marketing platforms in Nigeria like Jumia, Jiji, Konga, and a couple of others. These other online marketplaces have grown to have so much popularity over time and other e-marketing platforms are rising up in Nigeria every day. NairaEngine is one of these rising marketplaces. Why do we say so? We will be dishing out the core advantages that users stand to gain with trading from NairaEngine.

There are not nearly enough online shopping platforms in Nigeria as there are in other Western and developed nations of the world. And this phenomenon is not the best for the Nigerian economy, thanks to new initiatives like NairaEngine, we have more available options for Nigerians to shop online from. We don't need to mention some popular household names in the Nigerian online shopping niche before you can think up one as a Nigerian. This leads to hot competition amongst vendors on those popular websites to sell against each other. It also causes lesser sales since there are more options for consumers to choose from. Choosing to start buying and selling on NairaEngine as a Nigerian has a ton of benefits for you. Below, we will be listing five of those benefits.

1. NairaEngine has thousands of unique visitors daily

NairaEngine is a unique shopping website where vendors get to meet thousands of unique visitors that enter the website every day. The benefit of having such a huge amount of traffic daily to the shopping website is that vendors selling on the website get access to a broad range of customers. Out of these thousands of visitors browsing through NairaEngine, some customers are bound to search for products in your category and if they see that what you're selling is what they need, they will patronize you!

Though the amount of daily traffic that NairaEngine receives is literally nothing compared to that of big online shopping websites in Nigeria, it is only a sign that more growth is approaching. Also, vendors should keep in mind that, out of the thousands of daily visitors this website gets, your unique customers could be among this little crowd. So, why not take advantage and start selling on NairaEngine today?

2. NairaEngine has different packages to choose from as a vendor

Selling on NairaEngine entirely depends on you and your budget. You could opt for the free package, the ProTrader package or the Enterprise package depending on the size of your budget for marketing. You can start selling for absolutely free with the free package! Or you could reap the amazing benefits of the ProTrader package for just 2,000 NGN.

3. NairaEngine is not yet excessively competitive for vendors

One problem vendors will face on highly popular websites is too much competition from other online vendors who are selling the same products or similar products. For example, if you're into selling baby wears on a very popular online marketing platform, you most likely have 20 other competing vendors on that site for interesting traffic. This greatly impacts the number of customers you can get as an individual vendor. But right now, NairaEngine is still growing which means that there is lesser competition for vendors in some particular niches. What this means, is that you can grab all the customers and make more sales because of lesser competition.

4. NairaEngine is secure and encrypted for user's data privacy

 The NairaEngine website is a very secure and encrypted one, so all the data, details and information that users fill into the NairaEngine server and database are kept securely safe from cyber attacks.

5. The online store is user-friendly and easy to navigate

NairaEngine's UI and UX design is so user-friendly and easy to understand even for the layman. There are no complicated navigation challenges for users. Everybody can understand how to buy something and how to sell something on NairaEngine.


We hope that with these few five points of ours explained above, we have managed to convince you and not confuse you, as to why you should invest your time and products into NairaEngine. NairaEngine is one of the fastest growing online shopping sites in Nigeria currently and you don't want to miss out of our growth process. Sign up today to sell or buy products/services and join the NairaEngine big market.

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