5 Great Ways to Get More Traffic to your Online Store

5 Great Ways to Get More Traffic to your Online Store

Your online store is a great asset you have as an online vendor. Whether you have a WooCommerce shop on your website or you have an online store stationed in a popular online marketplace like NairaEngine, one of the most important aspects of driving sales is traffic. There is no way you will get orders from your online store if you don't drive traffic to it. It is the people/ traffic that visits the online store that will show interest in your products and buy from you.


In this article, we will be looking at the best ways through which you can drive massive traffic to your Woocommerce website or your store page on a marketing platform like NiaraEngine, Jumia, Instagram etc. Let's dive in.


1. Use SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is a compulsory skill you have to master when promoting anything via search engines. If you have a product you are selling online on your shopping website (like a personal WooCommerce online shop), you can get your website to start ranking high on Google when users search for products similar to yours. To get started with optimising your WooCommerce online shop, you need to know some basic SEO terms and knowledge. You can then utilise this information and apply them to your online shop. If you are selling through WooCommerce on your website, then you can utilise WooCommerce's SEO features. Selling on Wix? Wix also has SEO features for online shop owners. The effects of SEO might not be very immediate and it might take time, but the wait is worth it.


2. Use attractive pictures and clear titles

Nothing beats a quality brand presentation. When users visit your product page on Amazon, Jumia, NairaEngine, etc., the first thing they will notice is the pictures of your products. As an online vendor whether on your online shop or third-party online marketplaces, you need good and high-quality photos to speak for you. There is no way around it. You might have to invest in getting a good product photographer to snap your products attractively or use ready-made high-resolution images on your product page. This point is very important. Customers and potential buyers will be put off by low-grade images.

 Also, use catchy and straightforward titles to name your products. Your product title should give a user a brief description of what your product is mainly about. Clear titles will also benefit you in terms of SEO and ranking in online marketplaces. For example, you're selling on Amazon or Jumia or NairaEngine and a user searches for your product in the search tool. And results are displayed to the user showing related products. One metric that website search technologies use to rank product pages to users is the title. If your title is not related to what you're selling, you would be shooting yourself in the foot.


3. Promote your store through influencers

The benefit of using influencers is that you don't have to work so much to get organic traffic to your product page or online store. Influencers usually have a huge fan and follower base, so tapping into that enormous stream of an audience is a great way to drive traffic to your online store. By promoting through influencers, you would be getting your product or online store into the eyes of many and that way, your customers will find you.


4. Use Sales Campaigns

Right on your online store or product page, use sales campaigns like price slashes, bonuses, discounts for the first few buyers, countdown timing for a particular price and more. Sales campaigns attract people a lot and it's a great way to bring traffic and also gain new customers.


5. Use Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are very good sources of traffic to your online store. You can copy the link to your online store and share it on your social media accounts. Your followers would see this and click on the link and purchase your products if they are interested. With social media, you can also put your online store in the eyes of many asides from your followers through hashtags, social media paid advertisements and more.



 We hope that the five tips we dished out above will truly help you in grabbing more traffic to your web store. Patience is key when growing an online store. After trying our tips, results might not be immediate but they will surely pay with time.