5 Ways to do Profitable Affiliate marketing in Nigeria

5 Ways to do Profitable Affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make passive income on the side that supplements your main income. Affiliate marketing has been one of the top ways through which internet entrepreneurs make money online. And it's never too late in this digital age of ours to join them. In this article, we will be looking at some of the best ways through which an individual can make legit money through affiliate marketing in Nigeria specifically.

What is affiliate marketing in simple terms?

Affiliate marketing is simply the process whereby a person earns a commission every time they drive a sale or traffic to a company's website. What that means is that every time a user clicks on an affiliate link on your website and buys a product or service from the promoted company's website, through your affiliate link, you earn a sales commission.

When discussing the main ideas through which a person can make money online, affiliate marketing is one of the most recommended ways. It is very easy to start, does not require huge capital and you can easily earn from the comfort of your home. Also, you don't have to rely on only one affiliate earning program. A great way to maximize your affiliate earning potential is to have multiple affiliates earning channel streams.

So, what are the five best ways through which a Nigerian can make good money through affiliate marketing in Nigeria? Check them below:


1.   Carve a niche for yourself

A niche is simply a specific target market that your website is driven towards. For example, a popular blogging niche is a technology. Your blog niche could be anything. Also, it is not compulsory that you must have a blog/website before you can go into affiliate marketing. The important thing is to have a niche. Carve out a business niche that you want to specialise in and then promote products that fit this niche. A niche helps potential customers know what kind of products exactly you tend to promote. Also, with a niche, you will be able to attract the right crowd. Also, make sure that the niche you choose has a good customer base and is profitable.


2.   Choose the platforms you will use to market.

It is through the platforms that you choose that you will be able to market. To market, you need a platform. Before you can be able to start earning from your affiliate marketing programs, you need to lay a solid foundation. The solid foundation is to promote your business on the appropriate platforms relevant to your niche. You need to promote. The secret to earning lots of money in affiliate marketing is to first promote. Some people promote their business through search engines like Google through their own websites or blogs, some people use email marketing, some people use social media applications like Instagram.

3.   Attract the right audience

The reason why you are even promoting in the first place is so that you can grab your audience's attention. If you don't promote, there is no way you can grab their attention. They won't know your business is in existence if they don't see it. Your audience will see your business and buy from your affiliate program when you promote on the right platforms. Where does your target market hang out online? Target your promotion to whichever platform it is. 

4.   Join affiliate programs that are top paying

There are several affiliate programs in Nigeria but not all of them are top paying. You don't need to look too far. There are a number of trusted affiliate programs that Nigerians have tested and trusted to be good.

 Jumia affiliate program

 Jumia is an online shopping website where website visitors can order and get anything from their website delivered. Jumia is one of the biggest online shopping websites in Nigeria. Their affiliate program has been tested and trusted by many Nigerian bloggers and people have earned thousands of Naira through promoting Jumia products on their websites and earning brilliant commissions.

 Travel Start

 This is an online travel and hotel booking website for Nigerians looking to travel locally and internationally. Travel Start has a well-paying affiliate program that bloggers and other people can join to earn good commissions.

 Other affiliate programs in Nigeria to join include Konga, Payoneer, WhoGoHost, WakaNow, Bet9ja, etc. 

5.   Don't make some common and avoidable mistakes that beginner affiliate marketers make.

You have to be really patient if you want to earn from affiliate marketing. First off, it will take a while to have a trusting and committed audience of your own. And in order to have that audience, you need to promote your business/website. Promotion and gaining audience trust takes time. And the time is different for each affiliate marketer. Lacking patience is very common amongst beginners as they think the money will start rolling in fast.


 The five tips above should help you start your journey in affiliate marketing more clearly. Good luck.